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Projectors for home and office are different. We help you choose the right kind of projector and help you understand the value of the product. The most common and cheap are the chinese ones, which have no value in the serious type of market we deal in.

Each Category page listed below will provide you with in-depth information on those types of projectors, such as Laser , 4K , Home Theater. Those pages will also provide you a chronological list of all matching projector reviews, plus a more complete list with both reviewed projectors and those where we provide specs and brochures.

Home Theater Projectors

An in-depth look into the industry’s top Home Theater Projectors. You will find thorough reviews, professional insight, and specifications to find exactly what you’re looking for. Unlike other sources, we get the opportunity to test-drive the latest advancements in the technology.


4K Projectors

They are the next “revolution” when it comes to immersive home theater, or revealing maximum detail in commercial applications. With 4K resolution, viewers can sit close enough to fill most of their view with sharp imagery – sitting twice as close as 1080p to the same sized screen. For business and education, finer details can be revealed whether in artwork, engineering renderings, or any other detail critical applications. In early 2016 4K projectors start at just under Rs.7,00,000 but will be coming down in price as more models are launched.

LASER Projectors

Laser projectors bring solid-state tech, yielding the benefits of long life, and consistent brightness and color handling. Although costing more, laser projectors in commercial applications typically offer a good ROI compared to lamp-based projectors, especially in high performance and multi-projector displays.

3D Projectors

3D Projectors are here! The enthusiasm following the release of Avatar in the theaters, followed by several other major 3D movies including Alice In Wonderland, has the industry abuzz, and 3D is now a real focus of the projector manufacturers. There are plenty of 720p resolution home DLP projectors that are 3D ready, needing only 3D glasses and some content. As of right now, there are multiple markets for 3D projectors, including simulations, scientific modeling in 3D,and “Discovery HD type content, not just 3D movie viewing.

Business Projectors

Business Projectors offer necessary for conference room presentations, interactive advertising, sales, and market analysis. Business projectors offer a solution for your business to engage in creative planning, captivate potential investors, or close a deal. A business projector can be a fixed installation system for your conference room, or a 1.5 lb mini projector that can fit in your pocket.




BenQ MS506P



BenQ MS531P



BenQ W1090