Digital Signage Professional Led Display

Boost business with LFD performance

To survive in business you must move with the times. As new forms of communication immerge, it is essential that businesses utilise the most effective means of interacting with their customers. LFDs (Large Format Displays) represent a leap forward from more traditional methods such as billboards and televisions, offering a media platform that is flexible, powerful and ideal for businesses.

1. Built to last –

Certain LFDs have been designed to maintain a high performance that can last for extended periods of time. This ability to last 24/7 is especially helpful for businesses with unusual trading hours and obviously for environments that are open all the time. For example, LFDs prove to be extremely useful in airports where they are needed either constantly or for very long periods of time.

2. Easy controls –

With larger business operations, the logistics involved with updating the content on all of their screens can be too much to handle and often quite expensive. With LFDs, they can be conveniently remote controlled from a central computer programme. This allows for a cost effective way to managing everything from in-store promotions to important business announcements.

3. Handle the elements –

Sometimes to be successful in business you have to quite literally handle the elements. LFD outdoor screens are designed to withstand everything from wind, rain, extreme heat to vandalism. This not only cuts down on repair costs but also ensures that your business can maintain commercial presence, which can be a handy edge over the competition.

4. Interactivity –

LFD screens also offer touch screen technology, which offers a whole new exciting side to reaching audiences. This technology can be tailored to meet a variety of business requirements, ranging from standard touch screen interaction, which are commonly found in shopping centres, to the latest touch screen vending machines, which are already finding their way into cinemas complexes. Touch screen technology is certainly full of exciting possibilities.

5. The big picture –

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the LFD is its ability to create matrix screens. With slim bezels and innovative interconnecting frames, creating super-screens is a simple task. Matrix formations can be of whatever size you wish and the content can then be formatted to fit perfectly. So, if it is impact that you are looking for, then look no further.